Invite Yashavant Kanetkar for Seminar…

Yashavant Kanetkar offers various Seminars for educational institutions. They are extremely popular all over India. Many institutions organize these programs as part of their institute’s technical festival or for skill upgradation of their students. These seminars consists of lecture demonstrations followed by interactive sessions with students. Seminars are of 2 hours duration and help students and faculty get up-to-date on current technologies. The areas in which we offer seminars and workshops include:

  • Programming Secrets for Campus Success
  • Security Programming
  • Mobile Computing
  • Mysteries of Pointers

If you would like to invite him, please fill out the “Invitation Request” given below and click on submit button. KICIT office would then communicate you the available dates, professional fees, etc.

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Audience Speak…

“The Bluetooth demonstration was amazing!”

“Game Programming buffs must attend this seminar…”

“Great presentations, oustanding speaker”

“Very informative and motivating…”

“Nice to hear Kanetkar sir’s experiences…”

“It was great to see the speakers mingle with students after the seminar!”

“I never thought I would get to spend time with Kanetkar sir”

Last Few Events…

  • RDIAS, New Delhi
  • SECE, Coimbatore
  • Invertis University, Barielly
  • BBD University, Lucknow
  • IIIT, Bangalore
  • SIRT, Bhopal
  • VPCOE, Baramati
  • NIEC, Lucknow
  • CITM, Indore
  • CSIT, Durg
  • IIT, Hyderabad
  • IIT, Guwahati
  • IIIT, Gwalior
  • TedX, Chennai
  • SISTEC, Bhopal
  • TEDx, VNIT Nagpur
  • NSIT, New Delhi
  • NIT, Rourkela